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My name is Arvid and I am an independent distributor for Herbalife.

I attended a wonderful school where I have learned a lot about how I can help other with simple and beneficial weight management and improved health.

I offer a simple system for better health and weight control (down, up or stable does not matter)

This system is called eating bloodsugar stable diet.

I teach you in your place on your premises or via telephone and internet, we have online presentations you can watch in peace and quiet when you have time.

All products is sold with 30 day full return policy, complete, used products can be returned (you returns the empty boxes)

Are you looking for an attractive income, I have many opportunities to you help, I teach the art to earn an attractive income via the internet and through traditional methods

I am working in the whole of Sweden and Norway, and via internet even globally.

Click on the links below that best suits your needs and register your name, email and mobile number for more info and opportunities.


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The picture shows me live out one of my dreams:
The dream of freedom,
The freedom allowed to fly where I want.
Freedom through better health.
The freedom to decide my own time.

In the summer of 2010 I was tired and overweight and had all risk factors for getting Diabetes type 2 and heart problem due to my poor diet.

During only 12 weeks I went down 12 Kg! This totally without being hungry and without doing any kind of exercising.

My mom was gaining 4 kg during the same period after a difficult period of cancer treatment.

Later I used the same products and methods for hard exercising with very good results.

You can use Herbalife's products to get more energy, get better exercising results, lose or gain weight, get better skin and make money.

Do you know anyone who can use some of this?